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Packaging Films

Established in 1985, Innovative Packaging is a dedicated supplier of flexible packaging solutions. We are a leading supplier of poly film substrates- for the following formats:

  • Clear
  • Printed
  • laminated Constructions

We serve the Direct Mail, Direct Marketing and Food Packaging Industries through the US. These products are tailored to meet our customer’s specific application needs. We also have extensive knowledge of numerous flexible packaging substrates along with a comprehensive understanding of machinery specifications and operations that assure for reliable performance to meet critical production efficiency.

We attribute to our clients success through focused dedication and commitment to every element of the printed design and unique marketing campaign. State-of-the art graphic reproduction is achieved by utilizing Flexographic printing.

Our company consists of experienced and knowledgeable graphic artists who further augment the finished graphic layout and design. Our graphic professionals are supported by state-of-the-art plate-making technology and an experienced office and service staff. We also work with customers to enhance packaging solutions that provide our clients with an important competitive edge. Every project, regardless of the size, is given dedicated attention and follow-up through all of the phases of the production process.

We are also proud to provide clients with cost effective substrates that present colorful, eye-catching and dynamic graphics. These are always delivered on schedule to meet very critical delivery/mail date deadlines. This is the reason why businesses throughout the US choose Innovative Packaging to provide substrates that both protect and promote product contents.

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