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Flexible Packaging Films

Innovative Packaging offers high quality printed flexible packaging films. We welcome design and layout discussions with our clients at the very start of the design concept to assure that all elements lend themselves to excellent reproduction within the Flexographic printing process. Innovative Packaging also offers design and layout advice to assure for optimum printability and reproduction.

Customers who are searching for any easy and quick way to improve their product packaging turn to Innovative Packaging. The company offers a wide array of packaging solutions that can be printed and adapted to their packaging requirements. Our capabilities include ten color high-quality flexographic printing for the Direct Mail, Publication mailings, Frozen and Fresh Foods as well as Comsumer Goods Products.

We know that Direct Marketers cannot always anticipate the development of a new campaign and we can react immediately to requests to meet the critical delivery dates requiring short lead times.

Polyethylene Films

Innovative Packaging was the pioneer in the development and marketing of Automatable Poly films for the mailing industry.

  • High Speed USPS Automatable Poly - offering excellent machinability on high-speed wrapping equipment.
  • Monolayer, Copolymer, and Coextrusion formulations which target specific substrate functionalities.
De-Metalized Films

De-Metalized Films

This format allows customers to begin with metalized film after which graphics are printed, and clear windows are then created anywhere within the graphics. This maintains the packages metalized appearance throughout the entire background. This packaging film is a unique format that has unlimited design possibilities.

Strip Metalized Film

Strip Metalized Film

Another format offered at Innovative Packaging starts with metalized film and then clear areas that are lined up in a lane with metalized areas surrounding the clear areas, and this results in an attention-getting, creative, and outstanding layout.

We can assist you with design planning to produce an outstanding and creative layout.

Cast Polypropylene and Films

This packaging film is created for bead type sealing. It offers very good clarity and gloss and is somewhat stiffer than polyethylene formulations.

Oriented Polypropylene Films

This film offers exceptional clarity, gloss, and stiffness

Other Substrates Available

  • Polystyrene Films
  • Polyester Films
  • Nylon Films

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