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Poly Bag Formats

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Poly Bag Machine

For more than 32 years, Innovative packaging has been providing businesses throughout the US with unique and highly creative bags made from poly films. These bags are available in either clear or printed formats. They are also produced to meet specific insert specifications. At the same time, Innovative Packaging can also offer these formats in eco-friendly, post-consumer recycled or recyclable poly films when creating these specialized poly bag formats. These bags are available in formats that include:

  • Header bags
  • Gusseted
  • Staple pack
  • Wicket and flush cut top designs

Wicket Bags

One popular poly bag format available from Innovative Packaging is the wicket poly bags. These bags are designed for use with automated packaging machinery. They are also efficient and easy to use in manual, semi-automatic and automatic load applications. Some of the available options that customers can specify when they order bags made from poly films include vent holes, tinted or color film, suffocation warning, re-sealable tape strips and printed bar codes.

Staple Pack Bags

Another popular bag format available at Innovative Packaging is staple pack poly bags. These bags are manufactured in a way that helps in content insertion and the handling of products. These bags are also offered with an easy-open-perforation beneath the staples, which makes it easy to tear off above the perforation feature.

Gusseted Bags

Innovative Packaging also produces gusseted bags made from poly films. This configuration allows for expansion space for odd sized and bulky items or those that cannot perfectly fit in an ordinary flat bag.

Tape Closure Bags

For self-sealing, they're offered with either permanent or re-closable tape.

Header Bags

Innovative Packaging also produces header top poly bags which can be produced with a hanger hole.

Poly Bag with Outside Pouch

Stand-Up Bags

Produced from laminated film structures for barrier properties.